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GustineGustine's story
An equal partnership
…a story about farming

BeatriceBeatrice's story
Box Hands and the Caribbean Economy
…a story about credit

MurielMuriel's story
Changing the system from inside and out
…a story about creating change

RoseRose & Stacey's stories
Look out world, here we come!
...a story about two women who made it

CarmenCarmen's story
Do as I say
…a story about women and business

CeliaCelia's story
A love/hate relationship
...a story about farming and the economy

DarleneDarlene's story
Nothing would stop me
…a story about determination

CharleneCharlene's story
Building sustainability
...a story about the economics of rural youth
Diane D 's story
Flexibility is the key
…a story about volunteering & transformation
Lori AnnLori Ann's story
The human part of the economy
fa story about running a business
DorothyDorothy's story
We were never hungry
...a story about the local economy
Lynn's story
Pulled in Different Directions
...a story about the economics of family
RaeRae's story
Valuing the extras
…a story about valuing domestic tasks
CarlaCarla's story
Hope in people
...a story about challenging globalization
EvelyneEvelyne's story
We are the economy
…a story about sustainability and awareness
RobinRobin's story
The economy isn't a living entity
...a story about living alternative economics
MelodyMelody's story
You need a key to get in
…a story about surviving the economy
LeahLeah's story
Economically Speaking, Now What?
...a story about the economics of unpaid work
JulieJulie's story
Dependence, independence, and interdependence
…how one woman learned to be interdependent
HelmaHelma's story
You've got to have collateral (and teeth)
...a story about the economics of aging
Emma JaneEmma Jane's story
I never felt poor
…how money destroyed a living economy
AliceAlice's story
My children suffered but they ate
...a story about providing for your children
RayaRaya's story
Connected to the Whole World
...a story about the global economy
GisèleGisèle's story
Globalization of human rights
...a story about redefining the global economy
SamanthaSamantha's story
It just started to break me down
...a story about doing "women's" work
AudreyAudrey's story
You've got to be an optimist
…a story about staying healthy
DianeDiane's story
Crossing the line
fa story about doing "men's work"
KimKim's story
Looking for a job
…reflections of a young woman
HelenHelen's story
Longing for a degree
…a story about getting an education

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