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Economic Alternatives

Aboriginal man singingWomen around the world are developing alternatives to current economic thinking and practice. By developing alternative budgets, supporting ethical consumption, and creating alternative food and money systems, they are demanding economic human rights for all.

Have you worked to challenge the current economic system?

  • Demonstrated against 'free' trade?
  • Educated your family, friends, and neighbours about poverty?
  • Started a cooperative in your neighbourhood?
  • Asked to be reimbursed for work you did in services instead of money?
  • Participated in creating an alternative budget?
  • Advocated on behalf of yourself or someone else?
  • Started a union?
  • Called your MP and offered your opinion about women's economic opportunities in Canada?
  • Worked in a non-traditional field?
  • Asked where your pension money is going?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've already been practicing alternative economics. Read on to learn more about economic alternatives.


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