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Economics 101

Woman reading stocksWhat do you think of when you hear the word economy? Does it make you nervous? Disinterested? Do you assume you can't understand? Do you not want to understand? Keeping women in the dark about how the economy works contributes to inequality and injustice. We want to change that! Not only are we sure that all women contribute to the economy in both small and big ways but we're also certain that all women can and do understand the basics of how an economy works.

This is the education part of our website. We've tried hard to find interesting and interactive ways of sharing information, ways that fit with women's lives and experiences. Let us know what you think and also what you'd like to know about how the economy works and women's place in it.

  • Economics Glossary

    Economy: From the Greek word "oikonomia," meaning "management of a household."

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