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CarlaHope in people

Carla Mundwiler is an artist who went to Quebec with a group of seven other young people to make a video about what it means to become politicized.

Carla says:

I've never seen anything more terrifying than a line of police like that, I've never been more scared in my life. They started to cut us off from all angles, very militarized, very strategic and it was terrifying. They came at us with tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, it was terrifying. This is Canada, this is democracy.

The thing that frustrates me the most when people talk about Quebec City, is that I don't think they realize that the violence was the police, our government telling those police to act the way that they did against citizens of Canada who wanted to express their concerns about something that we had no information about and something that we weren't allowed to see or experience unless we were part of a corporation.

What I came away from that experience thinking is that I can't trust my government anymore. My government is owned by corporations. It has been bought and sold.

I so much hope in people now. I saw people organize a free kitchen that fed thousands of people every day, I saw street medics that went around and helped people, picked strangers off the street and made sure that they were ok. I saw people going around and making sure that anybody getting arrested was taken care of and remembered. People stayed at the prison after the fact to hold a vigil for the people that were inside. That's what I have faith in, all of us building these little communities.

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