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Economic Bill of Rights
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Shelter? Food? Healthcare? Are those privileges that should go only to those who can pay?

No matter what our income or ability we all contribute to this world we share. And because we all have something to offer, we all deserve to have what we need to survive. This is our human right!

People's Bill of Economic Rights - An Agenda for the Elimination of Poverty

Based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, we citizens of Manitoba declare that the people of Manitoba, in order to ensure their full and equal participation in our society, merit recognition and fulfillment of the following basic rights:

  1. The right to food of sufficient quality and quantity to ensure health and the ability to participate normally in our society.

  2. The right to housing of adequate quality and size to meet the accepted standards of society.

  3. The right to proper clothing that meet the norms of our society.

  4. The right to free, comprehensive medical care and social services that will protect health, including dental, optical, and pharmaceutical care.

  5. The right to access to transportation and communication that would enable normal participation in the economics and social life of our society.

  6. The right to quality, affordable child care and child support programs that would enable full participation in the economic and social life of our society.

  7. The right to leisure, recreation, and cultural development within the norms of our society and with full respect to each individual's heritage.

  8. The right to free education and training sufficient to allow the maximum development of their individual potential and participation in the economic, political, social, and cultural life of our society.

  9. The right to jobs with just and favourable remuneration, pensions, or other means of social protection, and the guarantee of an annual income sufficient to ensure the ability of the individual and his/her family to satisfy the above rights.

  10. The right to full and democratic participation in the decision making processes of, and receipt of fair and dignified treatment from, all public and private institutions and agencies that affect our lives.

This document was developed by the Manitoba Coalition for Economic Justice and announced on October 17, 2001, a day set aside by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty. For further information contact 204-947-2220 or liipm@hotmail.com.

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