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What the Critics are Saying

"Your website is great: positive solutions and highly accessible."
Elizabeth Barnet
Community Learning Advocate

"I am really impressed by the UN Platform for Action Committee (UNPAC)'s website. It provides clear and accessible information on gender and economics that is useful for those already working in the field, and those who are beginning to explore the issues."
- Erin Leigh
Gender Equality Activist, UK Women's Budget Group

“Your site is fantastic”
- Nancy Peckford
Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)

"Congratulations on a great job! Just getting out there and deconstructing what the term economy means to us is really so necessary in these times. I really believe that as more of us know what the economy is and how WE want it to operate, because we are the key players in the economy, then it will change."
- Mary E. Morgan
Community Economic Development Consultant

"Just visited your website for the first time and it's WONDERFUL. So much information in working class terms. The graphics are terrific."
- Cheryl Kryzaniwsky
Director of Education

"Your site looks fabulous!"
- Angela Rawlings

"This creative and multi-pronged approach to raising awareness on women's economic insecurity is ingenious and will provide an excellent and educational resource because of the variety of tools: the video, the two resource books and the interactive website."
- Kim Clare
Manitoba Women's Advisory Council

"The film was really all encompassing - I feel that in less than 30 minutes you've provided clear information that people can connect with, while helping women to see their personal power/gifts/values used in their many roles they undertake as active members of a family, community, etc. Plus, the film left the viewer with clear suggestions of what they can do to be more involved with this issue. The web site and resource book are excellent as well."
- Judy Williams
Employment Facilitator

"I love this website, both for showing what's wrong with economics, and how we could do it so much better."
- Jim Stanford
Economist, Canadian Auto Workers

"An abudance of thought-provoking information."
- Armine Yalnizyan
Independent consulting economist and recipient of the Atkinson Foundation Award for Economic Justice

"Congratulations on a great launch, a great video and a successful project! I think you should especially be proud of how inclusive the project is of women from many different backgrounds and experiences."
- Jennifer Howard
Policy Analyst, Government of Manitoba

"I am excited that such a comprehensive and accessible website finally exists."
- Carrie McElroy
Student, activist, and educator

"The workbook is extremely readable so that many women will read it and retain the facts to pass along by word of mouth."
- Helma Rogge Rehders

"I commend your organization's members for their hard work in developing these excellent resources and congratulate you on the success of the Women and the Economy initiative."
- The Honourable Jean Augustine
Secretary of State, Status of Women

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